Why Is the Grout Cracking in My Bathroom?

Grout is the filler material used between tiles, and it fills in the gaps around each tile. In the bathroom, many homeowners have some sort of tile for the walls around their bathtub and/or shower. Some may also have tiled floors.Repairing Grout

If you are the type of person who inspects the finer details, you may start to notice there are sections of the grout cracking or which have fallen out and are missing. Cracking can be normal as a result of aging. As the grout gets older, it eventually wears out and needs to be replaced.

However, there are also other causes of cracking, which could include:

  • Improper Installation: If the grout was not applied at the right time, it may not be strong enough to remain in place. Another common issue is overmixing the grout mixture and adding an excessive amount of water. When the water evaporates, it can leave small holes in the grout that create a weaker structure.
  • Tiles Not Glued Correctly: If the tiles are not glued down correctly, they can come loose. When they become loose, they can pull away from the floor or wall. When this happens, the grout is what holds the tiles in place. Too much strain on the grout from too many tiles can cause cracking.
  • Movement: The tiles in the bathroom can expand and contract to changes in temperatures and humidity. Your home may also be settling, and this could cause tiles to move. These movements will cause the grout to crack.

Why Have Cracked and Missing Grout Fixed Quickly?

Cracks signify small openings where moisture can get into the cracks and underneath the tile. If there are missing sections of grout, the problem with moisture can be more noticeable. Eventually, you will start to notice problems with mold and mildew on the tiles and grout.

In addition, the moisture will cause other sections of tiles to come loose and the grout to crack. Furthermore, the longer moisture remains present under the tiles, it can also damage subflooring and sub-walls and lead to bigger and costlier repairs later.

Why Hire a Professional to Repair Cracked and Missing Grout?

It might seem like it would be easy to fill in cracks and replace missing grout with new grout. However, this is not the proper way to make this type of repair. Instead, it is a temporary “patch-job” that will help for a little bit but, eventually, fail.

The proper way to repair cracked and missing grout is to remove all of the grout from in between all of the tiles. This is a rather time-consuming and tedious process. The reason all the grout needs to be removed is that it is better to have it all replaced at the same time.

When replacing the grout, special tools are required, which you may not have. For these reasons, it is often easier to hire a professional to do the work, like your local plumber.

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