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Five Tips for Maintaining a Kitchen Disposal

Despite being an essential feature of the modern kitchen, homeowners often neglect kitchen disposals when it comes to proper maintenance. Consider the following tips to keep your disposal in good working order and prevent unpleasant odors.

1. Clean it regularly.

When the disposal is not in use, clean the underside of the rubber flaps to get rid of any dirt or buildup. To remove debris and give it a pleasant scent, you can also occasionally put ice cubes and citrus rinds into the disposal.

2. Always check to make sure it’s clear before running the disposal.

It’s common for homeowners to inadvertently damage a spoon by failing to ensure that their disposal is free of objects. Before switching on your garbage disposal, always check for any stray items to prevent this from happening.

3. Know what you can and can’t put down your disposal.

To avoid damaging the blades or causing the mechanism to become entangled, refrain from putting hard, fibrous, or spongy items down your garbage disposal.

4. Run cold water while the disposal is in use.

Using running water will aid in flushing debris down the disposal and prevent it from adhering to the blades. To prevent overheating, use cold water, and let both the water and disposal run for 30-60 seconds after grinding to ensure that all debris is flushed out.

5. Avoid disposing of onion in the sink.

While the blades of the disposal can easily grind up onion pieces, the thin skin and tissue of the onion can stick to the plumbing walls and eventually decompose, leading to unpleasant odors.

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