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Five Tips for Maintaining a Kitchen Disposal

Kitchen disposals are indispensable in the modern kitchen, but few homeowners take the time to properly care for them. Take a look at the following tips for maintaining functional, odor-free disposal.


1. Clean it regularly.

While the disposal is off, wipe the underside of the rubber flaps to remove any grime or residue. On occasion, drop ice cubes and citrus rinds into the disposal to clear debris and provide a fresh scent.

2. Always check to make sure it’s clear before running the disposal.

Many homeowners have accidentally mangled a spoon by not checking that the disposal is clear of objects. Always check for any stray items before turning on your garbage disposal.

3. Know what you can and can’t put down your disposal.

Don’t put hard, fibrous, or spongy items down your garbage disposal, as these can damage the blades or wrap around the mechanism.

4. Run cold water while the disposal is in use.

Running water will help wash the debris down, preventing it from sticking to the blades. Use cold water to prevent overheating and keep the water and disposal running for 30-60 seconds after grinding to ensure that all debris is clear.

5. Avoid disposing of onion in the sink.

Although the blades will have no problem grinding up pieces of onion, the thin tissue and skin of onion can stick to the sides of the plumbing, eventually rotting and creating a nasty odor.

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