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How to Stop a Leaking Faucet from Keeping You up at Night

As you begin to doze off, the sound of dripping water startles you back into wakefulness: Drip, drip, drip. One of the sinks in your house has a leaking faucet that is causing enough noise to prevent you from sleeping. Although you may try closing the door to the bathroom or bedroom or covering the dripping faucet with a towel, these temporary fixes are not the proper solution to repair a leaky faucet.

What Causes a Faucet to Drip?

Depending on its style and model, there are various explanations for a dripping faucet. Among the more prevalent reasons is the wear and tear of the washers within the mechanisms responsible for turning the faucet on and off, leading to inadequate sealing. Another potential culprit for a leaky faucet is a worn-out washer in the sink outlet cover.

Finding the Source of the Leak

Before calling a plumber, there are several steps you can take to identify the source of the leak. One approach is to replace the rubber washer in the outlet cover by unscrewing it. Another method is to first turn off the hot water and observe if the dripping ceases. If it persists, turn the hot water back on and turn off the cold water instead.

If the leak persists even after turning off both hot and cold water lines, it may suggest that the mechanisms inside the faucet have become worn out and require replacement. Additionally, if the sink faucet is old, fixing the on/off mechanisms may not entirely resolve the issue. It may be necessary to replace the entire faucet to stop the dripping.

What If I Hear Dripping and Water Are Not Leaking Out of the Faucet?

In some cases, the cause of leaks may originate beneath the sink and faucet. It is advisable to check if water is pooling or if items stored in the cabinet are wet. Such leaks could be due to a faulty connection to the faucet. Tightening the water lines beneath the faucet may help to stop the leak.

For more complex leaks, like those where water is dripping from the faucet and under the sink, it is best to seek the services of a professional plumber. There could be multiple causes, and each one will require attention to fully resolve the leaks and dripping faucets. It may be necessary to replace both the faucet and the water lines under the sink.

Ignoring a dripping faucet will not resolve the issue and can worsen, leading to a significant increase in water bills. Additionally, repairing the leak will help you sleep better at night. If you’re experiencing dripping faucets, water leaks, or any other plumbing issues, get in touch with the Houston plumbing specialists at Met Plumbing & Air Conditioning by calling 281-603-9949 today!

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