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Is Your Toilet Running? Here’s What We Suggest

When a toilet starts to run, it can be quite annoying. Ignoring the problem won’t do any good. Hearing your toilet when it should not be making noise means something is wrong. A leaking toilet is never a good thing because water can seep out and cause damage to your flooring, insulation, and walls. For the best possible outcome, call a plumber to diagnose and fix the source of the problem right away.

Leaks often recur without professional plumbing repairs. Here are some common causes of toilet leaks:

  • There’s a loose or worn supply line, or its rubber lining is worn out.
  • The flush handle and flapper are stuck, causing water to continue flowing into the tank.
  • The tank is cracked; water leaks while the fill valve continues to replenish the supply.
  • Watertight connections have loosened or worn away.
  • The flapper, fill valve, or float has worn out or failed.

If there’s a problem, the toilet may continue running, or it may start spontaneously by itself. To check for a leak:

  • Open the tank lid and check the water level. If it’s below the waterline, add some dye and wait 10-15 minutes; you’ll see colored water in the bowl if there’s a leak.
  • Add food coloring, and wait 25 minutes to see if the color appears in the bowl; if so, the flapper may be leaking or dirty.
  • Mark the water level in the tank and come back after 10 minutes. If the level has fallen, the flush valve might be leaking.

Plumbing Companies Can Resolve Your Toilet Trouble

There are ways to test a toilet for a leak. The problem should be found and corrected because the water bill will go up if a leak is present. However, checking for one yourself can lead to more flooding if you have a clogged toilet. A plumber can easily address this issue with the proper equipment. Even if you check the water level in the tank, it may still be dripping out somewhere, and this doesn’t fix the problem.

A professional plumbing company can remove objects stuck in the pipe. It can also provide toilet repair services that address issues with the supply line, tank, or any mechanical elements needed for the system to work properly. If the parts need fixing, Met Plumbing & Air Conditioning will get your toilet working again. Other times, a new unit is needed, and we can quickly replace your toilet with a newer model; our plumbers are skilled at toilet installation, so your bathroom will soon be fully functional again.

A licensed plumber has the skills to safely and effectively fix a leaking toilet. If it is a routine visit, an appointment can be scheduled, but there is no need to wait if it’s an emergency. Our team is available day or night, at any time.

Last, schedule a service call on our website if you suspect a problem, or give us a call at 281-599-3336.

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