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Plumbing 101: Everything You Need to Know About Pipe Fittings and Piping

When it comes to plumbing problems and plumbing repairs in your Katy- or Houston-area home, it is important to understand what types of pipe fittings and piping are used for plumbing, sewer, and drain lines. There are all sorts of different pipe fittings and piping used. Your home may even have multiple types!

Common Types of Pipe Fittings

Some of the more common types of pipe fittings used in your home’s plumbing system could include:

  • Mechanical Sleeve Fittings: This is a type of coupling that connects two pipes together using a clamp or another mechanism to hold the pipes together.
  • Plug and Cap Fittings: These fittings are used to close the end of open pipes. They are typically used during plumbing repairs and inspections.
  • Valve Fittings: These fittings are typically used in areas where you want to shut off the water—like under sinks or from the main water line coming into the home.
  • Adapter Fittings: These fittings are used to connect different types of pipes together, as well as convert them from male to female on the ends.
  • Elbow Fittings: Elbow fittings are used when pipes need to change direction and need to be bent to do so without bending the actual piping.
  • “Y” Fittings: These look like the letter “Y” and are used to connect three pipes together.
  • Coupling Fittings: These fittings are used to connect pipes with the same diameters together. They may also be used when fixing leaks and replacing a damaged section of plumbing.
  • Reducer Fittings: Reducers reduce the flow of water through the pipes and are used to connect piping of different diameters.
  • Cross Fittings: This fitting is like an “X” and connects four pipes together. There can be a single inlet connection with three outlets or three inlets and one outlet.
  • “T” Fittings: This fitting has a single inlet and two outlets and looks like the letter “T”.
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Common Types of Piping

Just like pipe fittings, there are several different types of piping you could find in your home, including:

  • PEX Piping: This plastic piping is very popular for residential applications. It is flexible, so it is easy to bend and connect together.
  • PVC Piping: This is another type of plastic piping used for various plumbing, sewer, and drain lines. Unlike PEX, it is not flexible.
  • Copper Piping: Copper is reliable and is also corrosion resistance. However, copper pipes have to be welded or soldered together and could require additional fittings.
  • Brass Piping: Brass piping is a mixture of brass that consists mostly of copper. It is rust-resistant and lasts a long time.
  • Stainless Steel Piping: Stainless steel is normally used in areas where corrosion is a problem—like in the bathroom.
  • Galvanized Piping: You may find this piping in older homes. It is no longer used because rust can form inside the pipes over time.
  • Cast Iron Piping: This type of piping may be found in older homes and homes that use natural gas.

The types of fittings and methods used to connect piping together will vary based on the type of piping. When connecting different types of piping, it can require the use of special fittings to prevent leaks.Plumber Installing Bathroom Fixtures into a Home

Whether you have leaky piping, are installing a new dishwasher, or are upgrading your home’s plumbing, it is highly recommended to seek assistance from the experienced plumbers at MET Plumbing & Air Conditioning to avoid unwanted plumbing problems and ensure your piping and pipe fittings are installed correctly.

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