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Katy, TX Garbage Disposal Repair

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Having a garbage disposal unit in the kitchen can save you a lot of time and hassle. Just dump everything down the drain and it’s gone! These units aren’t without their downsides, of course. Anyone who owns a garbage disposal is aware that they’re prone to failure, often due to waste jamming the turntable or blocking the drain. 

In other cases, hard objects dropped into the disposal cause serious damage to the equipment, rendering it inoperable. If you need a garbage disposal repair in Katy, TX, call MET Plumbing LLC.

Need an experienced, trustworthy plumber for your Katy garbage disposal repair? Contact us online or give us a call at (281) 599-3336.  

What Are the Most Common Garbage Disposal Issues?

The most common garbage disposal problems are:

  • Leaks
  • Jammed garbage disposal (your garbage disposal is humming when turned on, but not working properly)
  • Clogs caused by food or an object
  • Lack of power
  • Slow draining
  • A bad odor that won’t go away

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, please contact our experienced team in Katy to schedule your garbage disposal repair service.

Types of Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals come in two basic types: continuous feed and batch feed. 

Continuous Feed

The continuous feed variety is the most common design. Its name refers to its ability to process waste uninterruptedly; the user simply keeps dumping material into the drain while the unit does its work. 

Batch Feed

Batch feed units, by contrast, must be filled with waste and sealed with a cover before activation. These units, while fairly uncommon, have the advantage of being relatively quiet. 

No matter what kind of unit you use, MET Plumbing LLC can provide dependable garbage disposal repair services in Katy, TX that will return your equipment to prime operating condition.

What to Avoid Putting in Your Garbage Disposal

If you want to prevent costly garbage disposal repair, avoid putting the following items in your garbage disposal:

  • Coffee grounds: Coffee grounds form a thick and dense paste that can cause clogs.
  • Eggshells: The thin coating found inside of an eggshell can wrap around the blades of the disposal and create a sticky blockage inside your plumbing.
  • Onion skin: Similar to an eggshell, onion skin can easily get through the blades and end up wedged in the drain and causing a blockage.
  • Potato peels: Similar to onion skins, potato peels can be thin enough to slip through the blades uncut and lead to a clog.
  • Grease: As fats and grease cool down, they solidify. If your garbage disposal isn’t properly flushed out, it will push the fats further down the line until it sits on the bottom of the disposal unit, creating slow drainage and eventually creating clog issues.
  • Hard food items: This includes bones, pits, nuts, and any other hard food scraps. These types of foods can cause the blades to jam or cause significant damage to them.
  • Dry, expandable food: These are foods that expand in water, such as pasta, rice, oats, and more. Once put down the drain, these foods will continue to expand and eventually lead to a clog.

20+ Years of Professional Plumbing Experience

With over 20 years’ experience, the MET Plumbing LLC team is well versed in all aspects of garbage disposal repair, installation, and replacement for commercial and residential clients. We service the communities of Houston, Katy, Richmond, Spring, Fulshear, Cypress, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, as well as neighboring towns.

Contact us by calling (281) 599-3336 when you need an experienced, reliable plumber for your Katy garbage disposal repair.

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