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Professional Repiping Services in Katy, TX

Keep Water Flowing Smoothly Through Your Home

Your home’s plumbing system relies on pipes to deliver essential water where it’s needed, making them the backbone of the system. Whether you buy or inherit an older home, our repiping services in Katy, TX, and beyond help to modernize your plumbing.

Properly installed pipes made of the right materials can last for decades. However, wear and tear, corrosion, and external damage can lead to the eventual need for replacement. Not all plumbers are qualified to undertake this task. 

This is where MET Plumbing LLC comes in. Our Katy, TX repiping specialists are fully licensed and trained to replace your pipes safely and efficiently without causing damage or leaks. We prioritize your safety, health, and comfort by ensuring that your home has the new pipes it needs.

Call our office at (281) 603-9949 or contact us online to schedule your appointment for repiping services in Katy, Sugar Land, Cypress, or across the Greater Houston Area.

Do You Need Repiping?

Typically, your home’s pipes are situated behind walls and underground, making them difficult to observe. Therefore, it’s challenging to detect any issues until they become significant problems. Familiarize yourself with the subtle warning signals that your plumbing system exhibits when your pipes are not functioning correctly, and reach out to us immediately to receive top-notch repiping services.

Signs that Something’s Wrong with Your Pipes Include:

  • Inadequate water pressure
  • Drastic fluctuations in water temperature
  • Water with unusual taste or discoloration
  • Frequent occurrences of clogs or leaks
  • Obvious signs of rust or corrosion on pipes
  • Plumbing system that produces more noise than usual

Local Katy, TX Plumbers You Can Trust

Your pipes are a crucial component of your home, and it’s essential to entrust their maintenance and repair to a competent, experienced, and reliable team. At MET Plumbing LLC, our plumbing experts in Katy are entirely devoted to providing you with top-quality services that exceed your expectations. 

We take great pride in our exceptional services, which include having clean trucks, clean technicians, and clean workmanship, ensuring that the only evidence of our presence in your home is an optimally functioning plumbing system.

Fill out our contact form or call (281) 603-9949 today to learn more about our repiping services in Katy, TX. We’re always happy to answer your questions!

Know Your Pipes

There are several potential materials that may have been used to construct the pipes in your home. Each of these materials has unique benefits and drawbacks, and we can assist you in selecting the optimal material for your new pipes. Our team exclusively uses piping materials that are entirely safe for your family and your home, and that will endure for an extended period.

Our Plumbers Work With:

  • Copper pipes – Copper pipes are an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor applications. They offer natural resistance to bacterial growth and corrosion, ensuring consistent water pressure and clean water throughout your plumbing system. With a lifespan of around 50 years, copper pipes provide long-lasting durability and are resistant to fire and heat, making them one of the strongest materials used for modern pipes.
  • PEX pipes – Made from high-density polyethylene, PEX pipes are a flexible and straightforward option for installation. Fewer connections and fittings are required compared to rigid materials, making installation simple. PEX pipes are resistant to freezing temperatures and do not develop pinholes or corrode, providing an easily repairable solution to replacing old, rusty pipes.
  • PVC pipes – PVC pipes are an excellent choice for indoor and underground pipes that have suffered from rust corrosion or leaks over time. They come in various thicknesses and molds, offering flexibility for installation. PVC pipes are resistant to corrosion and do not weaken or decay over time, providing a reliable and durable solution that can withstand shifting ground pressure and soil movement.
  • CPVC pipes – CPVC pipes are primarily used for hot water piping, offering a high level of heat resistance. They are relatively inexpensive to install and maintain and operate quietly compared to other materials. CPVC is strong and durable, thinner than PVC pipes but equally resistant to corrosion, chemical buildup, and cracking. They are an excellent choice for long-lasting hot water lines both indoors and underground.

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