Washing Machine Hookups

Washing machine hookups are our specialty at MET Plumbing. If you need help installing a washing machine or replacing connections, trust our experts!

washing machine hookups

Washing Machine Hookup in Katy, TX

Top Washing Machine Installation Experts

While installing a washing machine may seem straightforward, it can become complicated if you lack experience placing and connecting it. Fortunately, MET Plumbing LLC offers the services of skilled technicians in your area who can handle the task for you. With their expertise, specialized tools, and extensive knowledge, they can effortlessly connect any type of washing machine without difficulty.

Why Leave the Process Up to Us

Trusting MET Plumbing LLC to handle your washing machine hookup has many benefits. The primary reason is safety. Washing machines are bulky and heavy, making it difficult to maneuver them through narrow doorways. Our team comes equipped with specialized tools such as hand trucks and heavy-duty straps, enabling them to move these appliances securely from the front entrance to their intended mounting point.

We’re also prepared to handle all phases of installation, including:

  • Connect the hot and cold water supply hoses to the back of the appliance.
  • Attach the appropriate washing machine hose to the corresponding valve.
  • Hook the drain hose over the laundry sink or connect it to a standpipe for drainage.
  • Turn on the water supply valves.
  • Inspect the washing machine plumbing for any leaks.

Prevent DIY Installation Problems

Having a top-rated plumber install your washing machine can prevent unforeseen problems. For instance, an inadequately connected hose may leak, burst, or detach, resulting in flooding from the washing machine’s waste pipe or supply hose. A secure connection is essential to prevent costly water damage. Moreover, the washing machine must be level to avoid loud banging noises during operation. Our technicians use leveling tools to ensure proper adjustment and levelness.

Professional washing machine installation is particularly beneficial if there is no hookup or the initial installation was inadequate. Our team employs only plumbing equipment suitable for your machine and home. Our techniques prevent potential issues such as leaks, water damage, and electrical hazards resulting from improper connections or extension cord placement. Additionally, our technicians ensure the machine is connected to a grounded electrical outlet to prevent shocks.

Can You Use A Washer Without Hookups?

Optional accessories and faucet adaptors are available to connect your washing machine to any sink in your home, providing flexibility in its placement without needing separate water connections. Nevertheless, this option is not suitable for most washing machine models. It’s preferable to install the washer and dryer units in a location with adequate washing machine hookups and proper ventilation for the dryer.

Is It Bad To Run An Empty Washing Machine?

If you exclusively wash your clothes in cold water, running an empty cycle once a month is recommended to eliminate mold deposits and buildup inside the machine. To perform this maintenance task, select the hottest cycle on the washing machine and add a small amount of detergent.

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