Washing Machine Hookups

Washing machine hookups are our specialty at MET Plumbing. If you need help installing a washing machine or replacing connections, trust our experts!

Washing Machine Hookup in Katy, TX

Top Washing Machine Installation Experts

Installing a washing machine requires just a few steps, but there can be problems if you’re not experienced with placing and connecting one. MET Plumbing LLC provides local professional plumbers who can do the hard work for you. Their expertise, tools, and knowledge mean they can hook up any type of washing machine without a problem.

Why Leave the Process Up to Us

There are many reasons to let MET Plumbing LLC handle your washing machine hookup. One reason is safety. Washing machines are heavy appliances, and large. It often takes specialized equipment to move them through tight doorways; our team is equipped with hand trucks and heavy-duty straps for moving these appliances safely from the front door to their intended mounting point.

We’re also prepared to handle all phases of installation, including:

  • Connecting the hot and cold water supply hoses to the back of the appliance
  • Attaching the correct washing machine hose to the appropriate valve
  • Hooking the drain hose over the laundry sink or to a standpipe for drainage
  • Turning on the water supply valves
  • Checking for leaks in your washing machine plumbing

Prevent DIY Installation Problems

Having a top-rated plumber install your washing machine can prevent unexpected problems. For example, a poorly connected hose can leak or even burst, or disconnect entirely, causing a flood from the washing machine waste pipe or supply hose. Any connection must be secure or else there’s a risk of expensive water damage. The washing machine also must be level. Improper seating will cause it to move and create loud banging sounds when operating—our technicians are the best at using leveling tools to ensure it is properly adjusted and leveled.

Professional washing machine hookup is helpful if there is no existing hookup or this was not initially installed properly. Our team uses only plumbing equipment that is suitable for your machine and home. The techniques used avoid potential issues, such as leaks, water damage, electric shock, and electrocution due to improper connections and placement of extension cords. Technicians ensure the machine is connected through a grounded electrical outlet to prevent shock.

Can You Use A Washer Without Hookups?

There are optional accessories and faucet adaptors that can be used to connect your washing machine to any sink within the household. This allows the washer to be just about anywhere in the house without the need for separate water connections. However, this is not recommended for most washing machine units. It’s best to place the washer and dryer units in a place with proper washing machine hookups and ventilation for the dryer.

Is It Bad To Run An Empty Washing Machine?

If you only wash your clothes in cold water, once a month you can run an empty cycle once a month to clear mold deposits and build up of crud inside the machine. This empty cycle needs to be on the washing machine’s hottest cycle with a bit of detergent.

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