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Reasons Why Your Pipes Could Be Clogged!

Water comes into the home from the main water line and leaves the home through sewage and drainage pipes. Over time, water may start draining slower and, eventually, it can result in clogged toilets, sinks, and drains. There can be a variety of reasons for clogs, including:

  • Toddlers – Young children are fascinated with water, especially when potty training. They are trying to figure out where the toilet paper goes when the toilet is flushed. This can lead to them experimenting with excessive amounts of toilet paper, toys, stuffed animals, and more!
  • Hair – Everyone sheds hair while bathing and showing, as well as the hair that goes down the drain from shaving. Over time, the hair can bunch up and turn into a fuzzy hair monster and stop water from draining.
  • Oil/Grease – It can be tempting to pour bacon grease and cooking oil down the kitchen sink. Even while running hot water, the grease and oil attach to the outside walls of the pipes, much like the fatty deposits people experience within their arteries.
  • Paper – Non-biodegradable papers and paper towels flushed down the toilet can clog up the drain and cause the toilet to overflow into the bathroom.
  • Soap/Shaving/Hair Gels – Gels can stick to the walls of drain pipes and merge with fuzzy hair monsters to create even bigger clogs.

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