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What Does FIP Mean in Plumbing?

If you attempt a DIY pipe replacement project, you’re going to run into a few acronyms. One of the most common is “FIP,” and knowing what it means can help you identify the issue and fix it. Below, we take a look at this acronym and a few other common plumbing terms. 

Know Your Plumbing Acronyms

FIP and other plumbing acronyms indicate the fit at the end of hoses and pipes. When you know what they mean, it is easier to identify issues and correct them. For instance, you want to know the difference between MIP and FIP. 

That way, you know which end goes where without having to double-check. Moreover, it can make your projects more efficient and limit the risk of leaks down the line. 

What Does FIP Mean for a Plumber?

FIP means “female iron pipe.” It is a type of pipe fitting that has internal threading. Occasionally, you might see it as FPT or “female pipe thread” if the material isn’t iron. 

Threads are the ridges found on the interior or exterior of the pipe end. These ridges allow you to attach one pipe to another. The designs have peaks (crests), valleys (roots), and an area called the flank in between. 

An FIP always has threads on the inside of the fitting. 


fip vs mip plumbing

The internal threads of a FIP attach to “male iron pipes” or MIPs, which have exterior threading. Additionally, MIPs are sometimes called MPTs when the material isn’t iron. 

The exterior thread of an MIP fits into the interior thread of an FIP. Many licensed plumbers also use plumbers’ tape to secure MIP threads before attaching two pipes. This technique fills in any gaps to prevent leaks. 

These pipe fittings are common for connecting gas lines to heaters, dryers, and washing machines. Proper sizing is crucial to prevent gas leaks and other hazards. 

Other Common Acronyms

FIP and MIP are two of the most common plumbing acronyms. However, there are a few others to keep in your vocabulary to make DIY projects easier. 

  • FGH: Female garden hose, with internal threading 
  • MGH: Male garden hose, with external threading
  • FCM: Female compression with internal threading used to create a plumbing network
  • NPT: National pipe tapered thread
  • NPS: National pipe straight
  • UNS: Unified special thread, the standard fitting for screws, nuts, and bolts

Not Sure Where to Start? Call in a Pro!

So, what does FIP mean in plumbing? Now you have a good idea of these basic acronyms. They can help you identify the proper materials for your plumbing project. 

However, it’s important to know more than just acronyms. DIY projects come with a lot of risks. Hire a licensed plumber in your area to reduce the risk of leaks and bursts. An efficient plumbing system can last for years. 

At MET Plumbing LLC, every technician on our team is a licensed, insured plumber. Call us today at 281-599-3336 to schedule your appointment!

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