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Why Is the Kitchen Sink Commonly Placed Under a Window?

If you were to look in the kitchens of most homes, you would find the kitchen sink under an exterior window. Placing the kitchen sink above a window is an old tradition that predates indoor plumbing. Generally, it is a great way to make the most of the space and made it easier to fill and drain the sink before plumbing was more common.

Even though there is no general rule that the kitchen sink must be installed under a window, here are six reasons why people have the sink installed in this location.

1. Kitchen plumbing is easier to install and access

If you think about the plumbing in the kitchen, you need hot and cold water lines for the sink and dishwasher. If you have a refrigerator with an automatic ice maker and water feature, you need easy access to a cold water line.

The most efficient way to ensure plumbing is accessible is to run it along the exterior wall. This is why you will typically find the dishwasher next to the sink with the refrigerator close-by. If the plumbing lines ever need to be repaired or replaced, you have easier access to those pipes from under the sink, as well as under the kitchen in your basement or crawl space.

2. Placing the sink under the windows makes the best use of the entire space.

A window will mean you cannot have cabinets on the wall. Instead of having a countertop under the window, it makes more sense to place the sink here. This allows you to maximize your countertop and storage spaces. Plus, washing larger items is much easier when there are no overhead cabinets in the way.

3. You gain the benefit of being able to look outside while doing dishes.

Washing and rinsing dishes is not a very exciting chore. To take your mind off what you are doing, it is more pleasing to look outdoors and see your flowers and garden or watch birds and wildlife.

4. You can open the window when washing smelly dishes and get fresh air.

If you let the dishes pile up before you tackle washing them, they can start to smell. Having the sink under the window allows you to let in fresh air while airing out your kitchen and getting rid of the unwanted smells. This is also a good option for those kitchen disasters when you burn something and need somewhere to place a hot pan or baking dish while venting the smoke out of the kitchen.

5. You do not have to worry about turning on lights when using the kitchen sink in the daytime.

Another reason people install their kitchen sink under the window is to take advantage of natural sunlight. Any tasks you need to use the sink for, like washing fruits and vegetables or doing dishes, can be done without having to flip on the light switch.

6. Placing a sink under a window has been a common tradition in house building for decades.

Prior to indoor plumbing, placing the kitchen sink under a window meant it was easier to fill and drain water outdoors from an exterior wall. Even after indoor plumbing became common, home builders still chose to have sinks installed in this area of the kitchen.

Regardless of where your sink is located in your kitchen, please feel free to contact the plumbers at MET Plumbing & Air Conditioning at 281-599-3336 today for plumbing maintenance and repairs or assistance moving the sink if you are planning a renovation.

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