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How to Reduce the Cost of High Water Bills

Have you recently found yourself scratching your head over a skyrocketing water bill? Don’t fret! There are several common plumbing issues associated with high water bills, and, once you find the problem, you can easily decrease unnecessary expenses related to excess water usage. If you are having trouble identifying the source of the problem yourself, we recommend contacting a plumber to help you make a proper diagnosis.

Common causes of high water bills include:

  • Leaky Faucets
  • Running Toilets
  • Dripping Shower Heads
  • Broken Water Pipes
  • Water Softener Malfunctions

Some plumbing problems are easier to find than others. For example, if your toilet continues to make the sound of running water long after flushing, then you know it’s a problem with the toilet. However, other water leaks aren’t always as easy to discover.

Before you begin looking for the source, be sure to turn off any running water in your home and then check for leaks in the following areas:

  1. Main Level: Check for leaky pipes under bathroom and kitchen sinks.
  2. Hot Water Heater: Listen to the hose and drain connected to the water heater. If you cannot hear running water, there might be a leak or blockage.
  3. Toilets: Listen to the connection at the water heater, if you hear running water there might be a leak.
  4. Swimming Pool: For homes with pools, there might be a leak if you have to regularly refill the water to maintain a full level.

If no water leaks are found in these areas, it could also be a problem with spigots, irrigation systems, or the main water line. For assistance with identifying and fixing water leaks, contact MET Plumbing & Air Conditioning today at 281-599-3336.

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