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Leaving Your Pipes Absolutely Spotless

On a daily basis, a wide range of substances flow through your drains and into your pipes. From waste to hair to food, most of it gets carried away. However, some of these substance build up over time. 

You might not notice anything at first, but eventually, this buildup turns into or causes clogs, leaks, and blockages in your plumbing. Our Katy drain cleaning services ensure your pipes stay clear so that your water flows freely. 

At MET Plumbing LLC, our expert plumbers in Katy are available to help you remove buildup and residue in a safe and efficient manner. Our professionals are punctual, skilled, and equipped to thoroughly clean your drains and pipes.

You can book an appointment with our expert drain cleaning team by calling (281) 603-9949 or contacting us online. We offer same-day appointments for your convenience, and our team provides top-notch cleaning services without causing you any additional stress!

Why Use Professional Drain Cleaning Services?

You may wonder why hiring a professional plumber to clean your drains is necessary with the various do-it-yourself drain cleaning tools available on the market. However, store-bought drain cleaning solutions are neither as effective nor safe as the services provided by our plumbers. The harsh chemicals in many drain cleaning products can cause damage to your pipes, and DIY drain cleaning methods may not completely clear your drains, leaving you with blocked pipes.

By entrusting our licensed professionals with your drain cleaning needs, you can achieve superior results without harming your pipes, and you won’t have to do any work yourself.

What Are the Most Common Signs Your Drains are Clogged?

It can be difficult to detect plumbing issues caused by residue buildup in your pipes since drain clogs and blockages gradually develop over time.

Some common signs that you’re dealing with a clogged drain include:

  • The drainage process is slower than usual.
  • Unusual odors or noises are emanating from your drains.
  • Your drains or toilets are frequently clogged.
  • Water is coming up through your fixtures or drains.
  • There is mold or mildew present near your drains.
  • Pests are more attracted to your plumbing system.
  • Multiple drains or toilets are clogged simultaneously.

We are well-equipped with the necessary tools, equipment, and expertise to promptly clear your drains and prevent clogs and blockages from disrupting your daily routine when needed.

How to Prevent Clogged Drains

Dealing with a clogged drain can be an extremely frustrating experience. The best way to avoid clogged drains is to make an effort to prevent them in the first place.

Here’s how to keep drains clear:

  • Between drain cleaning appointments, pour hot water down your drains. For optimal results, pour a blend of warm water and vinegar.
  • Do not pour oil or grease down your drains as it will cling to the pipes and obstruct other debris from passing through.
  • Purchase drain screens to prevent hair, food particles, and lint from entering your drains.
  • Exercise caution when disposing of waste in your garbage disposal. Foods such as coffee beans, eggshells, bones, and starchy foods can cause severe damage to your drains.

Schedule professional drain cleaning with MET Plumbing LLC once a year to prevent blockages and clogs caused by hair, dirt, soap, and other debris from accumulating in your drains.


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