Whole Home Repiping

Our Katy whole-home repiping services are thorough and efficient. We work diligently to modernize your home’s plumbing to ensure it lasts. 

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Whole-Home Repiping Services in Katy, TX

Getting the Job Done Safely and Correctly

Replumbing an entire home is no small feat. It  requires a great deal of experience and expertise. Gain the peace of mind you need when you work with MET Plumbing LLC

Our team specializes in whole-home repiping services in Katy, TX, and across the Greater Houston Area. Rest easy knowing that our team has the experience, knowledge, and tools to handle your next copper repiping project effectively.

Call (281) 603-9949 or reach out online today to schedule whole-home repiping in your Katy, Sugar Land, Cypress, or Houston home.

When Is Whole Home Repiping Necessary?

If your home is over 50 years old and still has the original plumbing, you will probably need whole-home repiping soon. In the event of low water pressure that persists despite installing a new water pressure gauge, mineral accumulation within your pipes is the likely cause. Only a repiping solution can rectify it permanently. 

Additionally, if water that is reddish or brownish in color is emanating from your faucets, this could be due to corrosion in old pipes that require replacement. Finally, the presence of multiple pipe leaks is a clear indication that re-plumbing may be necessary. 

We will work with you to evaluate your specific situation and requirements, and if your home requires only pipe repairs, we can also provide that service.

Best Materials for Repiping a House

When it comes to piping, PVC and copper are excellent options due to their relatively pliable nature, which makes them more malleable and easier to manipulate. Moreover, copper piping lines are generally more cost-effective to install since the material is simple to solder or braze.

What You Can Expect with Our Whole Home Repiping Services in Katy

Repiping your entire home is a large job, but it is one that should last a lifetime. Here’s what you can expect when you hire the Katy, TX repipe specialists at MET Plumbing LLC to repipe your home:

  • First, we’ll discuss with you the best plumbing materials for the job. Generally, we use copper lines to replace the main line and the waste lines. Typically, we use different types of plastic plumbing (including PVC) as “branches” from the main line to fit into smaller spaces.
  • Once we begin the job, our plumbers make precise cuts into the drywall and ceiling material to access the plumbing lines and replace them, section by section. We always lay plastic sheets on exposed surfaces and furniture to protect your interior and belongings.
  • Finally, once the new pipes are installed, our expert technicians will restore your drywall to its original finish and paint over the area.

The duration of the job varies depending on the size of your home, but typically it takes between 3 to 7 days. Our main priority is to ensure that your house is fully restored to its original condition. 


You will immediately notice an improvement in water flow and pressure, and your monthly water bills will reflect the benefits of your new plumbing system. Our team will also provide guidance on proper maintenance practices to help you maintain your new system in excellent condition.

If you’re dealing with clogs, leaks, or low water pressure, don’t suffer another day. Reach out to the repipe specialists in Katy, TX, at (281) 603-9949. Our service area covers Katy, Sugar Land, Cypress, and Houston, Texas, communities, and we’re eager to provide you with our services.

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