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shower valve repair and replacement

Shower Valve Repair & Replacement in Katy, TX

Is your shower valve on the fritz? We offer professional shower valve repair and replacements in Katy, TX, and across the Greater Houston area. Call now for same-day service!

The significance of a shower valve is often overlooked. However, it plays a critical role in ensuring a consistent flow of water at a desired temperature. Without this crucial component, adjusting water temperature or pressure to a comfortable level becomes impossible.

Typically concealed behind the shower handle or even the wall, the valve is typically a pressure-balancing type, although high-end showers may employ thermostatic valves. Regardless of the type, it generally goes unnoticed until a problem arises, such as a leaky shower faucet. 

In such cases, the services of local plumbers may be required to fix the valve and other associated components.

Signs of a Faulty Shower Valve

Typically, the signs of a malfunctioning valve are easy to spot. With regular use, the valve experiences wear and tear, which eventually results in decreased performance or complete failure. Since most people shower regularly, families may utilize the valve multiple times a day.

Consult a plumber if you notice issues such as:

  • Cold water abruptly replaces warm water.
  • A comfortable warm shower unexpectedly turns into scorching hot water.
  • Temperature fluctuations happen even when no other faucet is in use.
  • Water pressure suddenly changes without explanation.
  • Pressure changes unpredictably, either fluctuating or remaining steady over time.
  • The shower faucet leaks water.

Trust MET Plumbing LLC for Repairs or Shower Valve Replacement in Katy, TX

Fixing a leaky shower promptly is crucial to avoid water damage and costly repairs. In some cases, repairing the shower valve stem parts can be sufficient. Our top-notch plumbers will evaluate the problem and recommend the appropriate action.

Our plumbing experts are highly skilled, fully licensed, and always ready to provide courteous and respectful service. When a shower valve replacement is necessary, we use high-quality products and installation techniques to ensure your shower functions reliably.

Depending on the type of valve, faucet, and issue, our technicians will use the appropriate tools and procedures for repair or replacement. In many cases, only a few simple tools are required. Minor leaks caused by faulty seals or O-rings can usually be resolved through repairs. However, if the damage is extensive or the repair is only temporary, a valve cartridge replacement is likely needed, and we guarantee longer-lasting results.

If you require professional advice, repair, or replacement of your shower valve or leaky shower faucet from a top-rated plumber in Houston, TX, please contact us at (281) 603-9949 or reach out to us online.

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