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Sewer Repair Services in Katy, TX

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Our professional plumbers are proud to offer our expert sewer repair services to any house or commercial building in Katy, Sugar Land, Cypress, or the surrounding areas. The sanitary sewer system on any property is the primary means of draining to remove wastewater and human waste from the structure. Rain and stormwater are handled by storm sewers, while combined systems move both human-produced waste and stormwater. If any of these systems are damaged or clogged, sewer repair services are needed to find and fix the problem to prevent the pipes from backing up again.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to address broken sewer pipes and leaks. Ignoring the signs of a problem can result in substantial foundation damage, not to mention potentially unsanitary and dangerous conditions in the home. Damaged drainage lines serving your house are your responsibility. Other types of sewers are managed by local municipalities, towns, and cities in the area.

It is the responsibility of homeowners to address broken sewer pipes and leaks. Ignoring the signs of damage can result in significant foundation damage and unsanitary living conditions. While homeowners are responsible for their drainage lines, other types of sewers fall under the management of local municipalities, towns, and cities in the area.

We provide efficient and comprehensive sewer line repair service to ensure that the root cause of the issue is identified and resolved. To schedule your appointment today, please call (281) 599-3336 or message us online.

Here for All Your Sewer Problems

No matter the reason sewer repair is needed, a professional plumber must be called in to diagnose the problem. Business and residential areas require sewer pipes to be in working order to be sanitary.

Whether you need main sewer repair or storm drain cleaning, our local plumbing professionals can resolve the problem. A clogged drain can create serious problems if it’s filled with debris. Trash, refuse, and pollutants cannot be removed if the flow of water is blocked.

A blocked catch basin, drain, or culvert pipe can cause the same symptoms as a damaged sewer line, creating water backups, flooding, and odors inside the home. Contact us whenever such issues are noticed; we’re equipped to locate the exact source of the problem and correct it based on years of knowledge and experience.

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A main sewer leak is nothing to take lightly. It can pollute the environment and cause hazardous compounds to enter the water table. There may be extensive damage to the underground pipes and sewers.

Our team makes sure that all sewer issues are resolved quickly and effectively, with no cut corners or imperfect solutions, so that home and business owners don’t have to deal with water damage, unsanitary conditions, or odors that can make their properties virtually uninhabitable.

Our Houston sewer repair professionals always conduct the appropriate measures to determine the nature of the problem. Leak detection, hydrostatic testing, and other procedures are employed to enable each professional plumber to permanently fix the issue. Repairs to any damaged sewage lines will restore their full functionality and prevent any further problems related to sewer or pipe damage in your home, business, or any other property or facility.

Contact MET Plumbing LLC in Katy, TX, if you need sewer repair or have any other residential or commercial plumbing issues by calling us at (281) 599-3336 or filling out our online contact form.

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