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Water Softeners and Filtration Systems

Plumbing systems are vulnerable in many ways. Mineral deposits in water can build up and eventually cause a blockage, which is something many homeowners don’t think about. Softeners can avoid such a problem, while water treatment and filtration make sure water is safe to drink. Top-of-the-line filters can keep your flow free of chemicals and harmful bacteria while ensuring your water looks, smells, and tastes fresh.

Add a Water Softener

Adding a softener is a good idea if you see white deposits around the sink, in coffee pots, and inside appliances. Mineral buildup can occur on clothes after washing. You may even see deposits on your skin and in your hair. The compounds in hard water are usually calcium and magnesium—commonly found in nature and even in your diet. Nonetheless, you’d rather not have these in your plumbing and drinking water.

A water softener unit connects directly to the water supply. If you notice buildup anywhere, you should strongly consider Houston water softener installation. The system can protect your appliances and help reduce the likelihood you’ll need repairs on your plumbing. It can even boost the efficiency of your water supply. Our local plumbers are skilled at installing water softening systems in Houston and Katy, TX.

Houston Water Filter Installation

Water goes through many miles of pipes before it gets to your home. There are many types of filters, including mechanical, oxidizing, and neutralizing devices, but activated carbon filters are among the most popular. They are highly effective at removing contaminants and chemical odors. MET Plumbing & Air Conditioning is prepared to meet your water filtration needs, so your water supply is clean, odor-free, and safe to drink.

We also offer filtration systems repair in Katy and Houston, TX. In order to fully remove toxins, chemicals, and bacteria, a water filter must be in top condition. From replacing cartridges to making more thorough repairs, our technicians are the best. They can fix any problems that may arise, so you have the cleanest water that also tastes great. Filter maintenance is another important consideration, but we’re here to ensure your system works well and lasts.

To receive water softener or filter service from one of the top-rated plumbing companies in Texas, contact MET Plumbing & Air Conditioning today at 281-599-3336 or schedule a service call on our website.

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